Get Credit For Every Sale

Help grow our brand and we will help build your truck.

Once you join our team and join the ranks of the Hellhound Amdassadors you will recieve a code providing your followers with 15% off.

On top of helping your followers you earn 5% of their order in the form of store credit. That's right, the more you're code is used the more truck parts you get!

Earn Free Truck Parts

We have a large selction of truck parts, ranging from performance to everyday needs. 

Being an Ambassador gets you plugged in with only the quality brands that you know and love. Not only are you getting the best of the best, but you are helping your friends, family and followers get nothing but the best as well.

Ambassadors will also be invited to participate in exclusive prodcut give aways that will provide them oppurtunity to collaborate and network with other Ambassadors to grow their followings together as part of the Hellhound team.

What We Look For

The Hellhound Performance Ambassador program is extremly selective, not everyone who applies is accepted.

We are looking for someone who can provide the team with the following:

  • Active social media presence
  • Followers on perfered platform exceeding 1k+
  • Willing to post weekly to help raise brand awareness
  • Creative thinker who makes unique and engaging content
  • A love for the truck community
  • Someone who is building their truck and is ready to deck it the **** out
Apply Today

Apply to be an Ambassador for Hellhound Performance by completing the short form below. Be sure to tell us about yourself and your truck. We encourage you to also include you social media to aid us in our vetting process. 

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Email *
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